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  2800   Ford Cam Positioner  


Tool number 2800 was specifically designed for the crucial task of aligning the cam shaft with distributor gear, needed for correct C.M.P. adjustment. This tool is strictly applicable to Ford 3.0L and 4.0L engines.









  2610  Thin Wrench Kit

sirs-019.jpg (8128 bytes)

sirs-020.jpg (11489 bytes)

Needed for the proper R&R of fan clutch nut. Kit includes (1) 36mm and (1) 58 mm spanner wrench 1/2 Drive.
Used in conjunction with tool # 2600 or 2615 Applicable: Ford - 2.8L, 2.9L, 3.0L, 4.0L, 4.9L.
Wrenches are used in conjunction with a breaker bar or ratchet and are available separately.
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  2615  Thin Wrench 

35mm Thin Wrench 
Sir Tool 2610-1 

Use in conjunction with a breaker bar or ratchet. 






  2610-2  Thin Wrench 

58mm Thin Wrench 
Sir Tool 2610-2 

Use in conjunction with a breaker bar or ratchet. 








  2700   Pulley Holder

Pulley Holder
Needed for the proper removal of harmonic balancer pulleys. Due to the confined area within the engine compartment, this sleep tool has been designed to access these pulleys without the need for removal of radiator. Applicable: Chrysler engine - 2.7L & 3.2L, '98+; 2.0L, 2.4L & 2.5L, '95+, 3.8L & 8.0L, '94+; 3.3L & 3.5L, '97-'93; 3.3L, '90+. Mitsubishi Eclipse (2.0L engine) '99-'95. Comes complete as shown with (2) press drifts.






  2805   Couner Pulley Holder

Counter Pulley Holder used to secure the water pump hub from rotating during R&R of the 36mm radiator fan nut. Used in conjunction a Thin Spanner Wrench
Applicable:Ford engines V6 2.8L, 2.9L, 4.0L; including "F" series equipped with a straight 6 from 1992 and newer.







  VZ35   GM Corp. Tank Adaptor 

Needed for pressurizing the cooling system on models with male threads on filler neck of radiator tank. Applicable: Model - Corvette, Escalade, Malibu, Metro, Prizm, Silverado & Sierra 1500 & 2500, Yukon, Yahoe, Tracker, GEO, Alero, Grand Am, Sunfire, '99+, Intrigue, '00+.







  VZ28   Radiator Adapter

Adapter for pressurizing liquid cooling system. 

Applicable: Dodge Stealth, Eagle Talon, Mercury Tracer & Cougar, Ford Explorer from 1995, Escort from 1991, T-Bird, Probe, from 1990, all models with a small radiator neck. 








  VA6015   Dial Gauge Holder 

Dial Gauge Holder 
Sir Tool VA6015
Needed for accurate adjustment of Bosch diesel injection pump.
Applicable: Dodge diesel pickup with Cummings engine.







  2600   Double Sided Counter Holder

Double Sided Counter Holder 
Needed for securing water pump hub from rotating during R&R of fan clutch nut. Used in conjunction with tool #2610-1. Applicable: GM light to heavy duty engines, '96 Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep engines.






  9710   Top Dead Center Indicator

Top Dead Center Indicator 9710 
Used for T.D.C. on any Gasoline powered engine.
Simply unscrew a spark plug and twist the rubber hose
part of this tool into the spark plug hole.
As you rotate the engine with a turning bar,
the piston forces air through the whistle part of this tool.
Once the whistling stops the engine is at T.D.C.






  2040   Radio Hooks

Applicable all DIN chassis Radio Mount Plus late model Fords with DIN and VW / Audi. 






  VA 6023   Tensioning Bar

13mm 12 point through socket. This special wrench is designed for slipping between the shock tower and onto the serpentine belt tensioner nut.





  ST 0121   Tensioning Bar

Over 2 -1/2 foot long Bar.
Serpentine Belt Tensioner.
With a 15mm 12 point through socket on one end and a 1/2" drive on the other end.
Applicable: Chrysler, Ford & GM models. 






  ST 0221   Tensioning Bar

Slips onto Serpentine Belt Tensioner, during R & R of Belt.
3/8 drive on a 5 degree angle.
GM  3.1L  V6






  ST 0321   Tensioning Bar

Serpentine Belt tensioning Bar with a 15mm 12 point through socket on one end and a 1/2" drive on the other end.
Applicable: Chrysler, Ford & GM models. 







  ST 0421   Tensioning Bar

Serpentine Belt Tensioner Bar 
Sir Tool ST 0421 
Serpentine Belt tensioning Bar with 1/2" drive. Applicable: All models with a 1/2" slot on the belt tensioners. 






  ST 0521   Tensioning Bar

Serpentine Belt Detensioning Bar 
Sir Tool ST 0521 

Serpentine Belt Detensioning Bar with a special square male bit. Applicable: Ford models with a slot accepting this bit into the belt tensioner. 





  VZ34   Tank Adaptor

Tank Adaptor needed for pressurizing the liquid cooling system. Applicable: Ford Motor Company model - Contour and Mystique with 2.0L or 2.5L 95+. Jaguar 90+. Pontiac Le Mans 88+. Range Rover 88+. Saab 900 94-96. 






  2615  Counter Holder

For securing the waterpump hub from rotating during R & R of fan clutch nut
Should be used in conjunction with tool 2610-10 below.
Applicable GM light to heavy duty 96 and newer.







  MP 100   Clam Shell Compressor

Designed for R&R of coil spring on MacPherson Strut type assemblies, and other coil spring types where access is easily gaind when wheel is removed and vehicle is off the ground.This unit incorporates safety retaining pins to completely grab hold of the coil springs ensuring a NO- SLIP GRIP.
Comes equipped with a form fit blow mold cavity storage case.







  2727   Universal Cam Spoke Lock - Device

Needed for securing Twin Cam Pulleys. 
Applicable: All twin or quad cam with timing belt pulley sprocket on each cam. Except Subaru

For the crucial task of securing twin cam pulleys from rotating during the R&R of timing belt. Fully adjustable, this tool comes complete with 1 pair 8" and 1 pair 4.5" long, Left/Right hand threaded rods. The shorter needed for confined spaces where the rods might interfere with the fire-wall or other auto part.
Fully constricted onto the spokes of the cam pulleys
and locking down the securing wing nuts, reveals a 6 point locking mechanism. This tool will remain rigid, not allowing for any movement of cams,
saving your timing.
With Quad cam pulley engines 2 sets of #2727 are needed to complete the task.






  M0070-GT   Internal Spring Compressor


Coil Spring Compressor
1964 -1/2 +







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