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Mercedes Benz Repair Tools


  B 90 -M     Rear Wheel Bearing Kit for Mercedes



Wheel assemblies where power is applied from the motor to the wheels,
equipped with independent suspension and a
Singular Solid Roller Bearing at that wheel.
Will not work on Solid / Live Axles or Tapered Roller Bearings.

Invented by Sir Tools in 1979


Front, Rear or A.W.D. Vehicles 

Built in Self-Centering Mechanism

Incorporates a Roller Thrust Bearing

Lines Up Straight as an Arrow During R&R

20 Year Service History at Thousands of Repair Shops

Every Kit Comes Complete with a Detailed Instruction Manual

Saves Time and Money with on the Car Application.
No Need for a Hydraulic Press





  M 0070  Mercedes Spring Compressor Kit

M0070  -
Spring Compressor Kit for front and rear coil springs. Applicable: Mercedes chassis W107, W116, W123, W124, W126, W129, W140, W201, W202. Big Time-Saver! Will pay for itself many times over! 
Click Here for the image.
Comes with a convenient carrying case. 





  M 0063  Press tool Available with or w/o carrying case

M0063  - Press Tool needed for the proper installation of ball joint into steering knuckle. Superior design allows for mounting in a vice w/o marring the tool or bending under pressure. Applicable: Mercedes chassis - W116, W123, W126. Big Time-Saver! Made from High Quality Steel! Incorporated with a heavy duty solid thrust bearing, itís sure to give years of dependable, trouble-free service! A must for the Professional Mercedes Mechanic!





  1032T  / 1036T   Thin Spanner Wrench

This Tool Available in either size 32 or 36mm.
Long Thin Spanner wrench.
With an 8mm overall thickness and a length of 20 inches for proper leverage. Used in conjunction with tool# M 0086.





  M 0081   Thin Wrench

M0081  - 65mm with an 8mm overall thickness and a length of 16 inches for proper leverage. Needed for securing the fan hub from rotating during R&R. Used in conjunction with tool
M 0022.





  M 0022   Allen Wrench Holding Bar

M0022 Comes complete with 8 and 10mm Allen bits.
The 8mm is needed for R&R of fan clutch fastener
Applicable M103, 104, 111, 119, 120 OM 602, 603, 605, 606
The  10mm bit is for adjusting A/C belt tension and R&R of idler pulley Models 420, 560 with V-8





  1032x1036T   Thin Wrench

32 X36mm with an 8mm overall thickness and a length of 12 inches for proper leverage.
Needed for R&R of fan clutch hub nut.
Applicable: M11
Use with M0086.





  M 0040   Locking Hook

M0040 - Locking Hook needed for securing the visco fan coupling during R&R of 8mm hex fastener w/o removing the radiator. Applicable: Mercedes engine - M103.






  M 0036   Steering Box Repair Kit

M0036  - Steering Box Repair Kit needed for proper R&R of locking grooved nut and sector control piston. Applicable: Mercedes steering - LS90.





  M 0005 Collet Type - Steering Pump Pulley Puller

M0005  - Puller (Collet Type), needed for the proper extraction of steering pump pulleys. Applicable: Mercedes steering - LS75, LS85, LS90.





  M 0006   Steering Pump Puller

M0006  - Puller (Bracket Type), needed for the proper extraction of steering pump pulleys. Applicable: Most Mercedes models







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