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 TOY 005  Belt Tensioner Compressor


Needed to properly compress and secure the hydraulically activated belt tensioner. This tool presses against a neighboring water pump pulley and expands as you rotate the 17mm nut. 




When fully compressed, place locking pin into hydraulic piston push rod.








  1032T    32mm Long Thin Spanner Wrench

Extra Long Thin Spanner
Length 20 inches.








  1036T    36mm Long Thin Spanner Wrench

Extra Long Thin Spanner
Length 20 inches.








  9710  Top Dead Center Indicator

Used for T.D.C. on any Gas engine.
Simply unscrew a spark plug and twist the rubber hose
part of this tool into the spark plug hole.
As you rotate the engine with a turning bar,
the piston forces air through the whistle part of this tool.
Once the whistling stops the engine is at T.D.C.








  10-218A  Valve Stem Seal Plier

Valve Stem Seal Plier used for the proper extraction of stem seals.
The inside grooves on the tips of this Plier allows the firm grip
of both O.E. and aftermarket seals
Applicable: Most Overhead Cam engines. 








  10-208  Valve Shim Plier

Shim Plier is used for proper R&R of valve adjusting shims. 
Applicable: Overhead Cam engines with adjusting shims.










  1017  Heavy Duty Allen

Heavy Duty Allen
17mm Stubby Socket
Heavy duty Allen socket designed specially for R&R of gearbox drain plugs.
For a variety of applications.








  9701  9701 Wire Terminal

Wire Terminal Extractors 
3.9mm I.D. and 4.5 O.D. 







  9702   Wire Terminal Tool

Wire Terminal Extractors 
4.2mm I.D. and 5.0 O.D. 








  VZ28   Adapter

Adapter for pressurizing liquid cooling system. 
Sir Tool VZ28 

Applicable: Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota, Acura Integra from 1990, Isuzu from 1991, Dodge Stealth, Eagle Talon, Mercury Tracer & Cougar, Ford Explorer from 1995, Escort from 1991, T-Bird, Probe, Hyundai from 1990, Honda Civics up through 1991, most Honda motorcycles, Geos from 1990, all models with a small radiator neck. 









  VZ38   Adapter


Adapter for pressurizing liquid cooling system. 
Sir Tool VZ38 

Applicable: Honda Civic from 1992, Honda Accord EX from 1994, Dodge Colt from 1993, Acura Legend from 1991, most of the newer Toyota 4 cyclinder passenger cars, Mitsubishi 3000 & Diamante & Mirage from 1992 up through 1993, Galant from 1994, all models with an even smaller and shallower radiator neck equipped on many of the most recent vehicles. 







  VZ29   Radiator Cap Adaptor 



Radiator Cap Adaptor 
Sir Tool VZ29 

Needed for checking blow off pressure or leakage of radiator tank cap.







  1032x1036T   Thin Wrench

32 X36mm with an 8mm overall thickness and a length of 12 inches for proper leverage.
Needed for R&R of fan clutch hub nut.
M11 Use with M0086 (top page).





  P 242   Spanner Wrench Set

Spanner Wrench Set needed for R&Rb of oil lines. This 4-pack set includes (1) each of the following wrench sizes: 27mm, 30mm, 32mm, 36mm.




  4491-B   22mm Split Socket

22mm Crows Foot with 3/8" drive, needed for R&R of Oxygen Sensor situated within a confined area. No need to snip the wires leading to the unit when all you want to do is check the sensor.






  4491-C   22mm "Box" Socket

22mm Heavy Duty Socket with 3/8" drive. This Heavy Duty Socket is a must when trying to remove a rusted Oxygen Sensor situated within a confined area.






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